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Samsung is spying just like Carrier IQ

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by , 12-06-2011 at 12:14 PM (4438 Views)

Samsung Galaxy & S II are spying on you, for South Korea! (supposed to be South Korea).

According to a South Korean newspaper (Donga) the Samsung phones have not less than 3 apps which spy on everything you do.

Software similar to Carrier IQ of the U.S., which secretively gathers personal information in mobile phones including call records, text messages and location data, has been discovered in Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well.
Three applications and Program Monitor, which are basic programs of the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, have been found to play functions similar to those of Carrier IQ. Samsung has sold more than 10 million units of these two smartphone models in Korea alone.
Mirror App in the Galaxy S is a simple application that displays the user`s face via a built-in camera. The app, however, was found to have been designed to allow access to more than 40 functions of the smartphone including phone number lists, calendar information, location data, SMS messages, photos and recorded content stored in the mobile device.

This means that with intent, a producer can freely delete phone numbers or modify location data, view SMS messages, and listen to recorded content. The company can also use such information for marketing. Designed to allow the user to view his or her face, the app is thus effectively granted the capacity to allow the phone maker to freely control data in the device.
For more information[English donga] and[English donga]
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