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[ROM] Unofficial CyanogenMod Port for Cliq2 (pre-alpha4) (2011-10-7)

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by , 10-10-2011 at 06:15 AM (14324 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by wanggjghost View Post
Here is the unofficial CyanogenMod port for moto cliq2

It is based on cyanogenmod7, an android 2.3.5 version.

As I'm busy doing my work and only have ONE free day every week, the dev would be slow down now.

SunRain(wanggjghost) - Main Developer
DJGHOSTS3V3N - Code Cleaner/Tweek Adder

Project Home
Chinese Thread 591fan

I want to thanks :
- Quarx2k, tpruvot, turl, J_r0dd, adlx and many other guys that help me in porting (I may forgot other, sorry)
- Cyanogen & all the people involved in the CyanogenMod project for CM sources
- Google & all the people involved in the Android project for AOSP sources
- Moto for the cliq2

As always, I take no responsability for damaged phones, the user has full responsability. I am not responsible for any data loss and or bricked phones.I assume the user has read this README file and knows what he is doing.

If U are using 3G(WCDMA) and got reboot problem, please try the 2g services in settings->wireless->mobile network->use 2G only.
As I don't have 3g sim card, I can't test or fix it now, I need some logs before & in the moment when the phone reboots.
U can use cmd like " adb logcat > C:/log.txt" and "adb logcat -b radio > C:/radio.txt" to got two logs and attach in this thread to help me fix this proble.

Update Log
Release pre-alpha4
Update to android 2.3.7(CyanogenMod)
All functions in bootmenu works now!
GPS now works( I tested it , and it works OK, but I need more tests from U guys)
Add multitouch support, U need to edit "persist.sys.multitouch" in build.prop to enable more points
Add HD decorder files to support 720P media decorder
Add CPU governors (conservative, nteractive, powersave, smartass)-- Need to enable in bootmenu
Add overclock module -- Need to enable in bootmenu
Update recovery to V5.X
Fix some bugs(sorry, it takes me too long to build this new release, so I can't remeber what bugs I really fixed, but U can see my change log in github to see what I did)
Release pre-alpha3
Fix camera/camcorder problem
Fix problem in recovery
Fix keypad backlight
Update some rc files, more stable
Release pre-alpha2.
Much fixes
Fix the sound & torch problem.
Use ti audio encoder & decoder
calling/sms, BT, wifi, fm, sound, flash-light, sensor, vibrator, usb, camera, camcorder, keypad,gps

mute switch hardware key, wma decoder
I'm sure more ...

It works only on cliq2 foryo(2.2.2)
U should install the 2nd-init( bootmenu ) first.
Use the custom recovery in bootmenu to install this rom.
DON'T FORGET to do a wipe after U install this rom.

If U like my work, U can donate to me via paypal(my paypay account is
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