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    All the important stuff to know about the V3x

    Cleaning up the V3x section. Stuff categorized below. If you have questions reply in their respective threads. If you would like to add something here, send me a PM

    Important Stuff to read:

    [Guide] READ THIS BEFORE FLASHING!!! - by mkwc
    [Guide] Everything a newbie should know- by mkwc

    Also reading the announcement will give you a good summary of the above 2 guides

    Other significant V3x modding related stuff

    V3X Test Point Tutorial - by telorayam
    [/B]Remove RSA from your phone - by russoeternal
    V3x Personalization Guide V2.5 - by ebentley (certain information outdated but great for beginners to learn the very basics)
    (Guide) Unlock V3x for free!! - by Trickybitch
    (Guide) The seem editing guide... for Noobs - by ferrarix
    V3X seem edits tested & functional ones
    A bunch of seem edits - by ferrarix (requires seem editing knowledge)
    (Guide) Enable 850MHz band on V3x - by ferrarix (requires seem editing knowledge, still experimental)
    Quick Guide How To Apply Patch On V3x - by Slay (advanced, but good for people willing to learn and experiment)

    Recommended/popular flashes:
    (Do this only after you've read the other guides)

    EnerGy v1 - by Citroen (heavily modded, dual-boot-loader support, ELF app support)
    HeartlessMOD@V3X Version 4 - by Semseddin (heavily modded, no dual-boot-loader support, no ELF apps support)
    Junkener - by Cor3 (no special mods, dual-bootloader support, ELF apps support, requires advanced knowledge)


    P.S. Check boot-loader compatibility before flashing. Have a fully charged battery before flashing. Take backups wherever possible.
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