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    Guides Section [Updated]

    Check Out The New ModMyMoto Modding Guides Section!

    We have completely redone the guides section here at ModMyMoto making it the largest Motorola Guides Wiki on the web! The old guides section was great and informative but had one major flaw: members couldn't add content. Because of this many great guides made by our excellent community have gotten lost in the threads. The new guides solves that problem, from now on if you make a guide please create it in our new guides section. Why? So the community can easily find great information about making the most of their motorola phone.

    Adding Guides

    Any registered member may create new guides pages! Once you make a new guide please inform us and we will add it to the guides menu asap.

    Editing Guides

    Do you think one of our current guides could be better? Now members over 31 posts can edit the guides! Feel free to add in whatever helpful things you can think of! Any intentional destructive changes will be quickly reversed and the offending member will be removed from this site.

    The Rules
    • you may not make any destructive changes, we will be monitoring.
    • no links to warez or warez sites.
    • please give credit where it is due (to give credit to a site that hosts warez please refer to the site by name. For example "motofan" is fine. Do not link).
    Current Guides That Need to be Added

    I am aware there are many guides posted in our forums that need to be added to the guides section. If you notice a guide that is posted in the forum that should be in the guides section please tell us in this thread and it will be added asap.

    Comments / Suggestions?

    Tell us

    Where Can I Find the Old Guides Section?

    Right Here
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