IF YOU HAVE A K1M then you have a CDMA phone, then this is the wrong forum, GO TO THIS FORUM

If you have a K1 then you have a GSM phone and you are in the correct forum.


Description by MotoGenius:

Just thought that I would point out that though the K1 and K1m phones share the same KRZR name they are completely different phones. Yes they appear to be the same but they are completely different phones. There are definitely hardware differences. GSM has A2DP Bluetooth profiles while CDMA version does not. GSM is a little longer than it's CDMA counterpart. The Charging port on the GSM MOTOKRZR is on the opposite side of the CDMA version and has been flipped 180 degrees. This is a complication for all those poor souls buying K1 cases on E-bay for their K1m phone. The CDMA version has the external music controls while the GSM does not. The GSM version can connect to an Exchange server (without SSL) however the CDMA cannot. Those are some of the basic differences. There are plenty of them but these are the main ones.

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