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    [GUIDELINES] 10 Commandments of Modding

    Forum guidelines:The 10 Commandments of Modding

    1. Posting, linking to, providing passwords for and asking for warez is STRICTLY against the rules. DO NOT DO IT. Warez are any item or program that is to be purchased. This includes RSD Lite, Flash & Backup (registration name and password), most full java games and many more. This also includes copyrighted material such as movies and songs. Ringtones must be 30 seconds or less or they are considered warez also.

    2. Search before posting. MOST questions you will have, have already been answered many times over. There is a search bar at the top right corner of the page that says "Google Custom Search" in it. There is also a "Search this Forum" button on the header line above each forum. If you have further questions or can't find what you're looking for, feel free to post. We are here to help. But there are many that need help. So make an effort to find the answer first.

    3. Keep your language "PG-13". People of many ages visit this site and we need to keep it "family friendly".

    4. Do NOT insult other members. This is a friendly place. Flaming and arguing do nothing to contribute to the site.

    5. Read before you mod. A large number of bricks and other issues can be avoided by reading and following guides step by step rather than diving in head first.

    6. Please post a new thread rather than jacking someone elses, unless you have their exact issue. The exception is when you have a problem with monster pack or guide. Then post your question in THAT thread.

    7. Be patient after posting. It is not the responsibility of other members to help you out. They do it because they want to help and they enjoy it. Moderators are volunteers and have lives outside of the forum. Sometimes no one is around that has the answer you need. Someone will answer you eventually.

    8. Do NOT double post. Post your thread once. (see rule 7)

    9. Please do not PM other members with modding questions unless they invite you to. This is what the forums are for. You will get alot more information from the collective brains here than from one.

    10. If you "borrow" from someone else, get permission and give credit. What I mean by this is, for example, do not post a monster pack found somewhere else without the creators permission and give them credit as the author. The same goes for any other creation or guide/walk-though.

    The official M3 rules can be found HERE
    The official M3 Guides section can be found HERE
    The official M3 Downloads section can be found HERE
    The official Z3 Bible can be found HERE

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