*NEED data cable for iden phone
1.You need to download and install IDENJAL ver R01.01.08 Then find the file iDENJAL.exe change the compatiblity to Windows 2000.
2.Open iDENJAL click options make sure the com port is set along with check in via usb. Very important on the check for usb.
3.Ok find the file iDENJAL.exe again and unchanged the compatibility back.
4.Now hook the phone, the data cable, and computer up.
5.Ok open iDENJAL always, click options and make sure the com port is set along with the check for usb.
6.Click connect to phone. This take a few mins.
7.Ok for java apps and games you can only use the for that are free for Nextel, and have the jad, and jar files together. Can't do them separate.
8.Install the app or game using the jad file and disconnect the cable and your good to go. There maybe some files that dont work, maybe allot, but there some that will.