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    Troubleshooting Rooting and installing custom rom on LG Optimus One P500 (Walmart Family P504)

    I was able to successfully root, install recovery and a custom rom for my LG Optimus One P500.
    The phone is a P504 from Walmart. I just thought I'd share how I did this because it was kinda
    difficult at first and all the guides I've read are all technical in nature. So I figured I'd create a practical
    guide for newbies.

    I don't have the installers so you have to google everything.

    Download these:
    1. Gingerbreak APK (To root the P500 phone with the 2.2.2 and 2.2.1 basebands, check Settings > About > Phone)
    2. franco.Kernel (Kernel ROM)
    3. mik_os' CyanogenMod 7 port (Custom Rom)

    Have a SDcard reader handy also, just in case you messed up somewhere.

    I assume you are knowledgeable in copying files to SD card and able to install apps from it.

    1. Install Gingerbreak and click Root. This may take 1-10 minutes to complete. Make sure Superuser is working once this is done.
    2. From Market, install and launch Clockworkmod and install the most recent recovery.
    3. From Clockworkmod, backup your current rom. Phone will boot in recovery and backup the current rom.
    4. Reboot phone and copy the clockworkmod folder to a safe place in your computer. Copy also your important files as well (media and documents).
    3. Turn off phone and boot from recovery (Home + Vol Down + Power). Use the volume keys to navigate and the menu key to open menus.
    4. From recovery, go to Advanced and partition your sdcard. Decide on a size that will not compromise the capacity of your SDcard.
    5. Clear Dalvik cache and battery stats.
    6. Install the franco.Kernel rom. After installing, power down the phone.
    7. Boot from recovery again, clear dalvik cache and battery stats. Format system, cache and data from the mount and storage menu.
    8. Install Cyanogenmod 7. Once done, open clockworkmod and fix permissions.
    9. Reboot. Run clockworkmod again and install Google apps.

    If you are uncomfortable with the kernel or the custom rom I used in this guide, you may replace it with your choice of rom and repeat steps 5 to 9. Always make sure to backup your current rom.

    This is a guide. Rooting will void your warranty. I am not liable for anything that will happen to your phone. I am just sharing my rooting and
    rom installation experience.

    BTW: In cases where the bootup logo just restarts and the phone refused to boot, copy the clockworkmod folder (step 4) back to the root folder
    of your sdcard (this is where the card reader will come in), boot from recovery and restore the rom. I am pretty sure at this point you forgot to
    format system, cache and data folders (step 7). I made that same mistake too.
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    I had my P500 rooted up until I updated the OS to 2.3.3, now Gingerbreak won't root it again. I guess I'll either have to figure out the more difficult way to root it through the PC or wait for an updated version of Gingerbreak.

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