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    Linux Ming (jffs2 11R - firmware)

    Posted by: jumanji
    Source: MotoXtreme

    JFFS2 11R (a1200e e a1200r)

    First: I wanted to thank tmp_do and tmr for creating a jffs2 firmware (and therefore the possibility of writing the whole system).

    Second: I wanted to thank SergGG Provodnik Silent Bob dvrts and all Motofan ru users for sharing informations and help.

    Starting from whiteMING2 of tmp_do (thanks to his help and his answers) marcolnx have modified and customized the firmware:
    - Replaced all libraries SYStapi SYSqtapp SYSjava SYSdb etc. (11R)
    - Flip closed options
    - Inserted and placed some missing applications or not fully working (BCR - Sync - Standard Viewer - Photo Editor)
    - Added binaries (ldd - showQ - ezxpopup - etc.), so bash3 busybox strace ...
    - Added ringtones, pictures, skin, mystuff, etc.
    - Radio works without headset
    - Calendar in the main screen shows the first appointment in 24 hours
    - 2 new skins (red and white)
    - Pre-installed applications: ekonsole, Assistant of Amin (reboot, pkg installer, screenshot, swap manager, hacker, mystuff, unrar unzip, ecc.), Skin Installer, Backup Restore Now, SysInfo, ZEditor (can see hidden folder and edit hidden files), PicselEdit (there is also the standard)
    - 2 java applications: platinumsudoku - ICQ Jimm
    - Language: English - Russian - Ukrainian (VR English - Russian)
    - Fixed all profile (Silent, Vibrate, ecc.)
    - ext2 ext3 support with modules.dep
    - Screen3 works
    - Support autorun.txt under SD (/mmc/mmca1/)
    - Fingerpad white and foxalarm (voice russian)
    - added Processor (underclock and overclock at 520)
    - added pictures
    - added skin blue (Sens theme)
    - added, replaced for Camera_R541L7_G_11.10.11R
    - added, replaced for thanks a lot Silent Bob
    - added pftpd (pure-ftpd and pure-ftpwho) thanks a lot fordalulz
    - added, replaced ro rw
    - added new init script (so also startup1.txt, startup.txt for SD and startup2.txt for phone) and a lot of stuff for mount --bind sounds, animation, volume, font, ecc. without write directly for new user)
    p.s.: I have attached folder MCleaner and MotoID, extract and install if you want.

    Generally if something does not like (you can write in the whole) you can edit yourself.
    Hopefully you'll try it and have fun.


    Link for download

    About swap:

    If we need 32mb swap just extract the folder .bin from here and put in the root of SD: - - online file sharing and storage - download

    You can easy activate - deactivate with Assistant and check with SysInfo or eKonsole

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    Awesome!!! (I'm such a retard spending time with my motoming at this time of the world , but I'm just a desperate phone flasher whose android died)

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