Can somebody make a firmware for the AT&T version of the flipout that includes all the updates from the MB511 and ME511, include all the AT&T, Motorola, and Google apps that are included with the MB511 and ME511 (including Google maps and AT&T navigation) excluding AT&T's mobile banking, replace the WMA 9 and WMV 9 codex with WMA pro 10 decoder, WMV 10 decoder and also add MPEG-4 encoder and H.264 encoder, include the icons from not except for the AT&T specific icons, include the newest version of motoblur, add the newest version of the Motorola Music Player (i think it is version 1.0.179) and remove the old Motorola music player(or whatever the music player it is) that is already there and also have the new Motorola music player link in the same spot as the old Motorola Music Player (or whatever the music player it is) , and also lock it to AT&T