ClockworkMod Based
-Rogue Recovery v1.1.1-

Presented By-

Steady Hawkin


This recovery brings the following game changing features to the table:
  • Overhauled UI
  • Backup/Restore and flash from USB Drive
  • Backup/Restore and flash from internal storage (/sdcard)
  • Skip or Backup and Restore /data/media (/sdcard)

Important Info-
  1. By default your Xoom will your MicroSD card for nandroids and flashing. To use a USB drive or your internal storage, go to Mounts and Storage and select the location of your choice. *Please note, although you can use your internal storage for nandroids, it is not recommended.*
  2. By default /data/media (/sdcard) will be skipped during wipe, backup, and restore. If you wish to backup or restore /data/media, you can enable it by using the toggle feature located in the Backup and Restore menu.
  3. Please note that if you enable /data/media for a backup, your nandroid will be larger than usual depending on what data is stored on it. If you choose to restore a nandroid that does not contain a /data/media backup, it will wipe that folder. Enabling /data/media will cause that folder to act and function just like every other folder located in the file system.

Install Instructions-

-Make a nandroid in your current recovery then proceed
-Download zip file from link below
-Place zip on Micro SDcard
-Reboot into existing recovery
-Choose install zip and select the Rogue Recovery
-Confirm file, wait for it to finish flashing, then reboot
-Reboot back into recovery and bask in the Rogue glory!


Rogue Recovery v1.1.1


Can be found on Github- HERE

Thank You-

CyanogenMod Team

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Stay Tuned For Future Releases!!!

All credits to: [MENTION=128219]steady[/MENTION] Hawkin