Straight off the 4G Xoom devices this morning (Thanks to AceXMachine for grabbing the images for me), I present to you the 3.2.2 Stock + Rooted rom!!!

I haven't had a chance to figure out what is actually different yet with 3.2.2.

NOTE: This can be flashed on any device, however the 3g/4g network connectivity will ONLY work on the 4G xooms. Everyone else will be on wifi.

And yes, this comes pre-rooted.

  1. Download the rom
  2. Place it on the sdcard
  3. Reboot into recovery
  4. Make a nandroid
  5. Perform a factory reset (wipe data+cache)
  6. Install the zip file.

MD5Sum: 2f3aebf57c1d1676ee97d4f8365d3018

Changes in 1.1:
Fixed the updater-script. It shouldn't boot loop anymore.

All credits to: [MENTION=3024415]SOLAR[/MENTION]nz